What Kind of Accounts Does Stagehand Offer?
Stagehand currently offers two kinds of accounts for two different kinds of groups. There are both Musician accounts and Venue accounts, and they can follow either a Basic plan or a Premium payment plan. The Basic (free) account will allow you to browse our venues, and search for musicians. It will also allow you to customize your profile for others to see. The Premium account, which costs a one-time fee of $10 USD, can offer all the the advantages of the Basic account, plus the ability to view upcoming events at venues, apply to events, post upcoming events, and message musicians on the site. Stagehand is focused on providing nothing less than the highest quality booking site, and wants to make our services accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status.

How Do I Upgrade To A Premium Account?
The payment is made via Paypal, which you can find in the Sign Up area. You must have some form of either Paypal credit or a debit/credit card to operate Paypal. You can also email ryan@stagehandmusiccompany.com for an upgrade. Please subject the email “Upgrade My Account”, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Are There Any Fees With Using Stagehand?
As a service provider, we must unfortunately make fees for certain parts of our website. However, we try our very best to keep prices as low and reasonable as possible. At this time, it costs $1.50 USD to apply to perform at a show, and $1.50 to post an upcoming event. There are absolutely no hidden fees, monthly payments, or percentages we receive from shows. We appreciate your business, and it would be against our values to, well ya know, rip you off!

What Is The Stagehand Referral Program?
Our Referral Program was created to expand the scope of our audience. Now, being a small company with few employees, we aren’t able to travel across the country yet to convince other musicians and venues to use this service. That’s where you come in. With each account, you receive a unique ID code. If a musician or venue signs up for the website and pays for it, they will then be asked if they were referred to the website by someone. If you referred them, you will receive either $5 for a musician, or $10 for a venue. We’re not crazy we swear!

I’m Having Issues Logging In And/Or Signing Up?
We’re sorry to hear that. Please contact ryan@stagehandmusiccompany.com, and he will try to help you out.

I Would Like To Discontinue Using Stagehand, Can I Receive A Refund?
While we looked into this, unfortunately the banking fees associated with offering refunds make it too difficult to allow so. You do, however, have the ability to delete your account if you so desire.